News Quiz for Week Ending January 6, 2017

Posted on: 01.05.2017 in weekly_quiz

1.    Which of the following is the main reason for increasing tensions between the United States and Russia?

a.    Vladimir Putin’s dislike for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump
b.    A military exercise in Lithuania involving several countries
c.    Russia’s efforts to take control of neighboring countries
d.    Russia’s refusal to become a member of NATO

2.    Why is Lithuania drafting citizens into the military?

a.    Because of the Cold War, which started right after World War II.
b.    In case of an attack against Lithuania by the United States.
c.    It is a cultural and family tradition to serve as soldiers.
d.    Lithuanians fear that Russia may invade, as it did to Ukraine.

3.    How will NASA study black holes?

a.    by analyzing stars near a black hole
b.    by sending an astronaut into a black hole
c.    by measuring dust far away from a black hole
d.    by steering a spaceship past the entrance to a black hole

4.    Which of the following is a challenge NATO faces in preparing for cyber warfare?

a.    Cyberspace is not recognized as an official frontier of war.
b.    We have not yet seen a real-life example of cyber warfare.
c.    Most hackers are trickier and better funded than NATO.
d.    Border security is more important than digital security.

5.    What has led to regulations and laws about the use of Photoshop?

a.    people speaking up
b.    magazines leading the way
c.    advertisers wanting to produce more honest ads
d.    other computer companies wanting to create altering programs







1. c
2. d
3. c
4. b
5. a

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