News Quiz for Week Ending March 24, 2016

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1.    Why don’t teenagers get enough sleep?

a.    They have too much homework.
b.    They have very active social lives.
c.    They are not very good at managing their time.
d.    They naturally fall asleep later than they did when they were kids.


2.    Which topics were discussed at the meeting between President Obama and President Castro?

a.    protecting the environment and reducing global conflicts
b.    improving human rights and strengthening economic ties
c.    raising students’ test scores and increasing access to medical care
d.    promoting sustainable farming and making product labels more accurate


3.    Which two locations were targeted in the Brussels terror attacks?

a.    a farm and a highway
b.    a gym and a science lab
c.    a police station and a factory
d.    an airport and a subway station


4.    What prompted Portugal to decriminalize drugs?

a.    Portugal has few drug users.
b.    Portugal was running out of jail cells.
c.    Portugal did not have the budget to fight drug use.
d.    Portugal considers drug addiction to be a health issue.


5.    What happened in Colorado after the state legalized marijuana?

a.    There were legal conflicts with the federal government.
b.    Police–community relations improved.
c.    Crime dropped by 20 percent.
d.    Marijuana use increased.





1. d
2. b
3. d
4. d
5. d

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