News Quiz for Week Ending March 4, 2016

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1.    What is the IRS?

a.    the government agency that prints money
b.    the government agency that collects taxes
c.    the government agency that issues Social Security numbers
d.    the government agency that tracks online security for Congress


2.    Which of the following best describes a delegate’s role in the election process?

a.    electing superdelegates
b.    ensuring his or her party wins the presidential election
c.    representing his or her state at the party’s convention
d.    helping a candidate win a state’s primary or caucus


3.    What was the main effect of Super Tuesday?

a.    Most of the candidates dropped out.
b.    Many of each party’s delegates were determined.
c.    The candidates were able to give many speeches.
d.    The presidential nominees were selected for each party.


4.    What is one of the main advantages to starting a business in the Midwest?

a.    Housing and office space are moderately priced there.
b.    New employees and investors are eager to move there.
c.    It is centrally located between the East and West Coasts.
d.    Many important entertainment, sports and cultural events take place there.


5.    Which statement best describes how the PaperLab works?

a.    You feed used paper into a tray, and the machine recycles it into new paper.
b.    The machine shreds the paper in order to reduce the volume, or amount, of waste.
c.    You feed used paper into a tray, and a paper recycling company picks up the packaged paper scraps for recycling.
d.    The machine counts the amount of paper discarded and gives you credits to buy more paper from Epson at a discount.





1. b
2. c
3. b
4. a
5. a

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