News Quiz for Week Ending May 11, 2018

Posted on: 05.10.2018 in weekly_quiz

1. What is the main goal of NASA’s InSight mission?

a. to survey Mars for colonization
b. to understand heat sources on Mars
c. to know how many earthquakes occur
d. to understand how planets are formed

2. What is the overall goal of first lady Melania Trump’s platform?

a. to help students excel in public speaking
b. to help young people be the best that they can be
c. to help social media sites reach a wider audience
d. to help schools offer stronger media literacy programs

3. How long has Putin been in power?

a. since 2014
b. since 2010
c. since 2007
d. since 1999

4. What is President Trump’s plan for keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons?

a. putting sanctions back in place
b. halting certain ambitions
c. entering into a new deal
d. using world pressure

5. What is not a long-term effect of cutting down sugar consumption?

a. weight loss
b. more energy
c. increased cravings for sugar
d. less risk for certain health issues












1. d
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. c

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