News Quiz for Week Ending May 20, 2016

Posted on: 05.19.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    What are the federal guidelines for bathrooms in public schools?

a.    Schools should determine their own rules on bathroom use.
b.    The federal government is still writing guidelines for school bathroom use.
c.    Students should be allowed to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.
d.    Students should use the bathroom that matches the gender listed on school records.


2.    Which statement best describes the Medal of Valor?

a.    It is an award for good citizenship.
b.    It is a medal that the president awards.
c.    It is a medal that acknowledges bravery.
d.    It is the highest honor for law enforcement.


3.    Why are Russian athletes expected to be among the 31 individuals who will be banned from the Olympics?

a.    The athletes caught using drugs come from 12 different countries.
b.    The crackdown dates back eight years to the Beijing Games in 2008.
c.    The countries and athletes found to be taking part in doping have not yet been notified.
d.    The World Anti-Doping Agency found the Russian government was sponsoring a doping program for its athletes.


4.    What are the most common genetically modified crops?

a.    broccoli and corn
b.    corn and soybeans
c.    soybeans and tomatoes
d.    tomatoes and zucchini


5.    Which of the following happened during this school year (August 2015–May 2016)?

a.    Nelson Mandela dies.
b.    Ebola virus outbreak hits.
c.    Michigan governor apologizes for Flint water crisis.
d.    Malala becomes youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.






1. c
2. d
3. d
4. b
5. c

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