News Quiz for Week Ending May 26, 2017

Posted on: 05.25.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. What is President Trump the first U.S. president to do?
a. He is the first to visit a foreign country.
b. He is the first to sell U.S. arms to another country.
c. He is the first to challenge Iran’s military influence in the Middle East.
d. He is the first to make the kingdom of Saudi Arabia his first foreign visit.

2. What does NBA Player Enes Kanter say happened because of his “political views”?
a. His passport was cancelled.
b. He spoke out against an attack on protestors.
c. He supported an opponent of Erdogan’s in the last election.
d. He will continue to speak out against the Turkish government.

3. Where does President Trump’s proposed budget increase spending?
a. Medicaid
b. the military
c. food stamps
d. Social Security disability

4. What effect has tourism had on Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem?
a. Tourists’ boats have damaged the marine ecosystem, endangering killer whales and Adelie penguins.
b. Tourists have polluted the environment, forcing penguins to leave their home.
c. Tourism excursions provide funding to researchers studying climate change.
d. Tourists have helped shed light on the problem of climate change.

5. What was Memorial Day originally called?
a. Day of Remembrance
b. Commemoration Day
c. Decoration Day
d. Confederate Memorial Day










1. d
2. a
3. b
4. c
5. c

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