News Quiz for Week Ending May 27, 2016

Posted on: 05.27.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    What is the goal of the new food labeling system?

a.    to help grocery stores sell more packaged food items
b.    to help people know the nutritional value of what they are consuming
c.    to help food manufacturers track how much sugar they add to products
d.    to help doctors recommend the correct foods for people to get enough vitamin D


2.    How many police officers were charged in connection to the death of Freddie Gray?

a.    two
b.    three
c.    five
d.    six


3.    What message did Vice President Joe Biden and former House Speaker John Boehner share during their commencement speech?

a.    It is important to support your political party.
b.    A career in politics is rewarding, but challenging.
c.    Political rivals can, and should, find common ground.
d.    It is important to be politically correct when running for office.


4.    What is the main purpose of Red Nose Day?

a.    to promote a TV special
b.    to provide comic relief for sick kids
c.    to raise funds for worthwhile causes
d.    to post funny pictures of red noses on social media


5.    How many countries currently have nuclear weapons?

a.    two
b.    five
c.    eight
d.    10






1. b
2. d
3. c
4. c
5. c

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