News Quiz for Week Ending Nov 7th 2014

Posted on: 11.07.2014 in weekly_quiz

1. What does the U.N. report blame for climate change?
a. rising sea levels
b. melting polar ice caps
c. burning fossil fuels
d. drastic cuts in pollution

2. Which of the following issues was not voted on during Tuesday’s election?
a. authorizing the United States to intervene in Syria
b. taxing sugary drinks
c. raising the minimum wage
d. labeling genetically modified foods

3. Which step does not make students more likely to find a degree-requiring job?
a. searching for jobs online
b. majoring in technology
c. applying for jobs well before graduation
d. getting an internship

4. Where is One World Trade Center located?
a. steps away from where the Twin Towers stood
b. near the old Condé Nast building
c. just outside of New York City
d. in Washington, D.C.

5. Which of the following is not a reason for promoting “Meatless Mondays”?
a. Students ask for more vegetarian options.
b. Vegetarian food can help prevent health problems.
c. Students need more protein than they are getting with meat diets.
d. Vegetarian food is better for the environment than meat.

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