News Quiz for Week Ending November 10, 2017

Posted on: 11.09.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. What inference can be made based on the fact that many students in Puerto Rico are coming to the mainland to go to school?

a. The students plan on staying for a week or less.
b. The students are interested in becoming teachers.
c. The students have long wanted to study in a different place.
d. The students do not believe that their schools will be rebuilt soon.

2. How did researchers discover the mysterious chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid?

a. while digging for artifacts
b. during a tour of the pyramid
c. through the use of technology
d. by interviewing people about the pyramid

3. How did President Trump’s attitude toward North Korea change while in South Korea?

a. He was a bit fearful of North Korea.
b. He was no longer interested in North Korea.
c. He was more inclined to attack North Korea.
d. He was more open to discussion with North Korea.

4. What elements must a reliable news story contain?

a. facts, evidence and trustworthy sources
b. the ability to change people’s opinions
c. several likes on Twitter and Facebook
d. sources with college degrees

5. How did this week’s election affect Congress?

a. Congress remained the same.
b. Congress gained a Democrat.
c. Congress gained a Republican.
d. The congressional seat results are still being tallied.












1. d
2. c
3. d
4. a
5. a

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