News Quiz for Week Ending November 17, 2017

Posted on: 11.16.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. What is one way the Indian government attempted to protect the Taj Mahal from air pollution?

a. by restricting how close cars can get to the Taj Mahal
b. by reducing the number of tourists who can visit the Taj Mahal
c. by requiring locals to use mass transportation in the city of Agra
d. by requiring that people donate money to preserving the Taj Mahal

2. What must happen in order for someone to be accepted from a refugee camp by a new country?

a. They must have attended school in a refugee camp.
b. They must be in a refugee camp that has few resources.
c. They must have worked in several parts of a refugee camp.
d. They must go through an approval process that can take years.

3. What makes Bangladesh such a popular location for the fashion industry?

a. British colonialism heavily influences the fashion trends in Bangladesh.
b. Workers in the clothing industry are paid very little, keeping production costs low.
c. The capital city of Dhaka is home to several New York– and Los Angeles–based fashion brands.
d. When East Pakistan split from India in 1971, all the major clothing factories were located in the area that became Bangladesh.

4. What action did the U.S. Navy take off the coast of North Korea?

a. The U.S. Navy withdrew ships from the area.
b. The U.S. Navy engaged in practice exercises.
c. The U.S. Navy launched a strike against North Korea.
d. The U.S. Navy prepared for an invasion of South Korea.

5. What is a physical effect of playing a musical instrument?

a. You hear differently.
b. You move differently.
c. You sleep differently.
d. You speak differently.











1. a
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. a

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