News Quiz for Week Ending November 18, 2016

Posted on: 11.17.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    Why is Antarctica mostly untouched by humans?

a.    because no one lives there permanently
b.    because Kerry is focusing on climate change
c.    because the United Nations held a global climate conference
d.    because Americans are committed to addressing climate change

2.    All of the following statements are true of the Sydney Opera House, EXCEPT which answer?

a.    More than 8 million people visit each year.
b.    Its stairway is more than 300 feet wide.
c.    Its main concert halls seats 3,000 people.
d.    The building includes two football fields.

3.    Why is Lithuania important to Russia?

a.    A majority of its population is Russian-speaking.
b.    It shares a border with a key Russian territory.
c.    It is the only Baltic state to join the EU.
d.    It is the wealthiest nation in Europe.

4.    Why is there a huge cavern in the ground below Louisville?

a.    It is a natural rock formation.
b.    It used to be a limestone mine.
c.    It was a secret hideout during the Civil War.
d.    It used to be a den where animals lived.

5.    What was the Aztec Empire known as?

a.    the Legacy Empire
b.    the Capital Empire
c.    the Warrior Empire
d.    the Pyramid Empire





1. a
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. c

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