News Quiz for Week Ending October 14, 2016

Posted on: 10.13.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    Why did the creator of the Pilot system create the app?

a.    to make traveling in a foreign country easier
b.    to prompt people to stop studying other languages
c.    to lighten the amount of baggage that people carry when they travel
d.    to help people who speak different languages get to know each other

2.    What was a contributing factor in Haiti experiencing so much damage from Hurricane Matthew?

a.    Haiti is one half of an island.
b.    Winds were stronger when the hurricane hit Haiti.
c.    Few of the buildings in Haiti are made from concrete.
d.    Residents in Haiti received little warning of the hurricane.

3.    On what aspect of gun safety do presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree?

a.    Any U.S. citizen should be allowed to own a gun.
b.    Americans should be able to buy any type of gun they want.
c.    Only known gang members should be prohibited from purchasing guns.
d.    Anyone under watch for terrorism should not be permitted to own a gun.

4.    What is the purpose of a free-trade agreement?

a.    to allow the government to collect more tariffs
b.    to protect manufacturers from competition
c.    to encourage more trade among countries
d.    to set strict limits on imports and exports

5.    All of the following are goals of the Sit With Us app EXCEPT:

a.    to fight back against bullying
b.    to help students make new friends
c.    to demand healthier school lunches
d.    to encourage students to include others






1. d
2. c
3. d
4. c
5. c

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