News Quiz for Week Ending October 20, 2017

Posted on: 10.19.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. How have the changes in California winters helped contribute to a rise in wildfires?

a. They have caused summers to be hotter.
b. They have led to a rise in global temperatures.
c. They have resulted in more people moving to California.
d. They have led to an increase in vegetation that can burn.

2. Why were scientists able to observe the collision of collapsing stars?

a. The gravitational waves were stronger.
b. The telescope used was stronger.
c. The stars were still emitting light.
d. The scientists were able to hear the collision.

3. What does NFL commissioner Roger Goodell feel players should do?

a. express their views as they wish
b. stand during the national anthem
c. kneel during the national anthem
d. stay in the locker room during the national anthem

4. Why do restaurants sometimes place profitable or signature items in the upper right-hand corner of menus?

a. It is typically where most customers look first.
b. It is the most cost-effective way to fit special menu items.
c. The upper right-hand corner is also where the restaurant’s name goes, thereby drawing the eye.
d. It has been tradition to do so, ever since the very first restaurants did it that way in 18th-century Europe.

5. Why do some people think being Amazon’s second headquarters would be a bad deal for a city?

a. The company asks for tax breaks.
b. The company might end up in Canada.
c. The company is the largest online retailer.
d. The company is expecting more than 30 proposals.









1. d
2. c
3. b
4. a
5. a

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