News Quiz for Week Ending October 6, 2017

Posted on: 10.05.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. What is the rule for the number of Supreme Court justices??

a. There must be nine justices.
b. Nine is the maximum number of justices.
c. There can never be more than nine justices.
d. Congress decides on how many justices there are.

2. According to the new research, how much longer do girls need than boys to recover from concussions?

a. one day
b. twice as long
c. four times as long
d. the same amount of time

3. What is the main challenge scientists face when attempting to study the mesosphere?

a. Airplanes often obstruct telescopic views of the mesosphere.
b. All weather and storms occur in the mesosphere, making it nearly impossible to study.
c. Aircraft and weather balloons can’t reach the mesosphere, and satellites orbit far above it.
d. The mesosphere contains gases such as helium and hydrogen, making it hard for satellites to navigate.

4. How does Puerto Rico’s status as a commonwealth make it different from a state?

a. Puerto Ricans cannot vote for president, and they do not pay the same taxes.
b. Puerto Ricans can ask Congress to take over the island’s debts.
c. Puerto Ricans cannot travel to the mainland.
d. Puerto Ricans are not U.S. citizens.

5. What is the most likely reason a student might not try to stop a bully in action?

a. Students dislike peers who seem different from themselves.
b. Bystanders fear becoming the bully’s next victim.
c. Many students think bullying is funny or cool.
d. Most incidents of bullying have no witnesses.















1. d
2. b
3. c
4. a
5. b

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