News Quiz for Week Ending October 7, 2016

Posted on: 10.06.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    What was a motivation in launching the FAFSA application process early?

a.    FAFSA organizers want to complete the process earlier.
b.    FAFSA organizers want to motivate students to apply online.
c.    FAFSA organizers want to help students select the right college.
d.    FAFSA organizers want to have more time to review the applications.

2.    What would be the most likely outcome if the seven bee species were not placed on the endangered species list and did not receive protection?

a.    We would face an apple shortage.
b.    Farmers would use pesticides less often.
c.    Tourists would be more likely to visit Hawaii.
d.    Scientists would disagree over whether bees are under threat.

3.    What was the common goal of the two vice presidential candidates during this week’s debate?

a.    They each wanted to learn more about each other.
b.    They each wanted to share their own plans for the country.
c.    They each wanted to inspire people to become involved in politics.
d.    They each wanted to convince viewers that their own running mate was worth supporting.

4.    Which of the following describes all terrorist attacks?

a.    They are attacks against computer networks.
b.    They are motivated by extremist beliefs.
c.    They are planned by al-Qaida or ISIS.
d.    They are carried out by immigrants.

5.    Which of the following best sums up the “Middle School” actors’ advice to kids being bullied?

a.    Express your creativity through art.
b.    Really think about what you’re doing.
c.    Stay strong and know that you’re not alone.
d.    Don’t waste your life when you could be making friends.




1. c
2. a
3. d
4. b
5. c

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