News Quiz for Week Ending September 1, 2017

Posted on: 08.31.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. Why was FEMA originally created?
a. to streamline the many federal agencies already in charge of dealing with natural disasters
b. to create the first federal agency responsible for handling natural disasters
c. to provide disaster management experience for government officials
d. to replace state and local government responses to natural disasters

2. What do the situations in Texas and South Asia have in common?
a. electrical storms
b. landslides
c. flooding
d. unusually low temperatures

3. What led scientists to believe there might be water trapped in the moon’s volcanic glass?
a. The moon was very young when the volcanoes erupted.
b. A similar effect happens when volcanoes erupt on Earth.
c. The beads were embedded in moon rocks.
d. Glass attracts water.

4. What is one factor that caused the costs of repairing the Hurricane Harvey destruction to continue to grow over the week?
a. The time needed to recover will be lengthy.
b. The best way to rescue people was often by boat.
c. The storm dropped rain on the area a second time.
d. The cause for flooding in some areas was not identified.

5. Why do scientists now believe that T. rex may have been a scavenger?
a. T. rex was too large to be an ambush predator.
b. Faster prehistoric animals were more dangerous than T. rex.
c. Scientists now believe T. rex was much smaller than other dinosaurs.
d. If T. rex could not run fast, it may not have been able to catch living prey.









1. a
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. d

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