News Quiz for Week Ending September 19, 2014

Posted on: 09.18.2014 in weekly_quiz

1. When can you start applying for micro-scholarships?
a. 9th grade
b. 10th grade
c. 11th grade
d. 12th grade

2. What is the purpose of the community-level anti-terrorism programs?
a. to educate school children on the history of terrorism
b. to recruit college students into the Department of Justice
c. to identify potential terrorists before they commit any acts of terror
d. to train community members on how to convince terrorists to be peaceful

3. What does the White House hope will be one effect of sending more resources to contain the Ebola outbreak?
a. There will be no need to train locals to help contain the outbreak.
b. Some nations will not feel as much pressure to send resources.
c. The outbreak will be contained within one week.
d. Other nations will also send more resources.

4. How will NASA’s future space program be different from its previous space programs?
a. NASA will finally have an astronaut on the International Space Station.
b. NASA will partner with Russia to send its astronauts into space.
c. NASA will build its space vehicles itself.
d. NASA will send civilians into space.

5. Why does the spray cake bake in less time than a traditional box cake?
a. It comes out of the spray can already risen.
b. The can cooks the cake slightly before it is sprayed.
c. It doesn’t contain eggs.
d. It actually takes longer to cook.



1. a
2. c
3. d
4. d
5. a

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