News Quiz for Week Ending September 2, 2016

Posted on: 09.01.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    What is a factor in preventing obesity and eating disorders in teens?

a.    skipping snacks after school
b.    having a treadmill in the home
c.    discussing body weight regularly
d.    eating dinner together as a family

2.    Based on Kaepernick’s statement, when will he likely begin to stand for the national anthem?

a.    when he approves of the design of the team flag
b.    when he sees everyone standing for the anthem
c.    when he feels that race relations in America have improved
d.    when he likes the politicians who represent his state in Congress

3.    Which statement best summarizes the voter registration process in the United States?

a.    Voter registration is managed by the FBI.
b.    Voters register with their election district.
c.    All voters register through a national website.
d.    Most states require voters to register using a paper form.

4.    According to the study, what is the best way to communicate praise to your dog?

a.    Say the word of praise quietly.
b.    Say the word of praise with a happy tone.
c.    Say any word while patting your dog’s head.
d.    Say the word of praise several times in any tone.

5.    What could help save African elephants?

a.    another census in 10 years
b.    a decrease in international travel
c.    more rain in their natural habitats
d.    ivory trinkets losing their popularity




1. d
2. c
3. b
4. b
5. d

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