Weekly Quiz for week ending December 5th, 2014

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Channel One News Quiz
Week ending December 5th, 2014

1. Why do Americans have more money to spend on shopping this year?

a. Wages went up.
b. Tax refunds were higher.
c. Gas prices went down.
d. People spent less earlier in the year.

2. Where do storms intensify?

a. at depths of more than two thousand feet
b. in areas of rapid temperature changes
c. about thirty miles from shore
d. none of the above

3. Which movie may have caused the cyber-attack against Sony Pictures?

a. “Fury”
b. “The Interview”
c. “Pirates of the Caribbean”
d. “The Hunger Games”

4. What is a fact that shows that women are underrepresented in tech jobs?

a. All three girls plan to major in computer science at college.
b. 70 percent of Google’s staff is male.
c. The Labor Department predicts that there will be more than 4 million tech jobs by 2020.
d. Only 10% of schools nationally teach computer science.

5. The Nixie is activated by:
a. a touch of a button
b. a user’s movement
c. a call from a cell phone
d. a bicycle ride or mountain climb

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